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Move & Learn class: Golf edition

Today we held our first Move & Learn class for 6 enthusiastic golfers. What fun we had learning about Golf Stance, Ribcage Mobility and Respiration. What a difference ribcage position can make to how you move and swing a club, allowing your bodies to move with ease!

5 tips for Moving & Playing with Ease: Golf edition were explained and shared

  1. Tune into your body: Are you centered and balanced?

  2. Connect in Front: Allow your front ribs to relax down

  3. Breathe as you move, so your ribcage can rotate

  4. Wake up the backs of your legs, back of your hips and side abdominals (Hamstrings, glute and obliques)

  5. Relax and Enjoy!

This group is now ready to Move & Learn about shifting into both hips with ease

Are you a golf enthusiast and have a group that would like to Move & Learn with TPMT? Give us a call 720-541-7626 and we can get your group scheduled.

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