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Latest News... TPMT has closed this office as of March 31, 2024
For additional PRI providers please see Postural Restoration Institute 'Find a Provider' page
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Movement Specialists that Optimize Function


We have helped people from all over Colorado,

and beyond, recover quickly from injury.

Let us help you return to enjoying your life again too!

Unconventional Therapy

Looking beyond pain, treating dysfunction

Tri-Planar Movement Therapies is a unique practice that utilizes compassion and comprehensive care to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, one person at a time.

Our physical therapy and performance training uses the Postural Restoration approach, a highly effective technique that trains your body to function at its best in multiple planes of movement. This training occurs at the joint level, as well as holistically, to help your entire body function cohesively.

We believe no system in the body can work independent of any other system. Therefore, we treat the whole body as a system, vs treating just one part of that system.

Everyone's story is different, but I understand the range of changes that happen in life when injuries occur, as well as the spectrum of emotions related to being in pain.
We know how our lives changed when we were not able
to do the activities we enjoyed.

We also know how hard it is to find answers
to complex body concerns that have not gotten better within the traditional medical model. That's why we choose to be different in our approach. We went through this ourselves, and
we found answers.

We want to share those answers with you,
so you can get back to enjoying life again too.


We hope you will share your story with us,

then come experience how we are different!


Our Sessions

Every 60-minute session will focus on an assessment and individualized plan to maximize your rehabilitation or fitness goals.

As a Postural Restoration Certified Practitioner,

I have acquired advanced training in the science of postural adaptations, asymmetrical patterns and the influence of multi joint chains of muscles on the human body.


What this means for you, each session engages and empowers you with the activities and knowledge you need to help yourself perform better in life and sport.

TPMT utilizes touch, techniques and teaching to maximize your treatment results.

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Meet Lisa


 Lisa Kelly,


Specializing in

  • Chronic pain

  • Dysautonomia

  • All sports and orthopedic injury

  • Anyone who needs a little extra time and attention

Contact Info


Success Stories

"Lisa, it's really important to me that you know how much I truly appreciate what you have done for me. Of all the therapies I have dealt with over the years, you have given physical therapy a human face. Someone who genuinely cares about my progress and recovery and someone that I have come to really trust. With gratitude for everything you have done for me thus far!"


We can help you
achieve your goals

Young Skier
Professional Cyclist
Playing Soccer

Appointments available:

As of Jan 1, 2024 I am not accepting new patients as I prepare to take extended time off starting 

April 1, 2024


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