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What is Tri-Planar Movement?

We move and function simultaneously in all three cardinal planes: Sagittal, Coronal/Frontal, and Transverse, as well as a multitude of other planes to slide, glide and swing. ​


With movement, each joint and their surrounding muscles must dynamically function in all these planes for proper performance. When it does not, strain and injury occur.


We help you understand why you have pain or dysfunction, through the body position testing we do at every session. When you see and feel your body position, and it is explained in a 'whole body' way, everything starts to make sense. Understanding 'why do I hurt?' also does.

Often over use of one plane, through occupational or fitness demands, limits one's ability to use the other two cardinal planes. Then compensations, restrictive patterns and injuries occur.

It is these faulty postures and movement patterns that are often the underlying cause of chronic pain or injury. With proper positioning, the joints and muscles of your body can work in a more efficient manner with the least amount of strain.


TPMT's holistic approach of looking at the whole body to figure out why you have pain, will help restore joint mobility and allow muscles to function properly, easing symptoms by treating the underlying dysfunction.

We test your body throughout the session so we know where you are when you start, we retest to assess if the exercise you did is right for you, as well as at the end so we know you are good to go.


You see the difference, you feel the difference and are motivated to continue with your personalized home exercise program, because you just got results, even in the first session.


With so many choices for healthcare and wellness

Why choose Tri-Planar Movement Therapies?

There is a fundamental shift from treating the area of pain, to treating the area of dysfunction.


What this means is that it is important to look at what hurts,

but it is more important to treat what is causing 'the hurt.'

It is unique and proven effective.

Our Practices

Physical Therapy

Through the use of specialized corrective exercises that address postural patterns and muscle imbalances, neuro-motor balance is achieved between the left and right sides of the body. 


Athletic Screenings

Our integrative screenings help you prevent injuries and improve performance. By aligning your body, you can move freely to stay healthy and train better.


Performance is often thought of in terms of athletics, but it really relates to all areas of life, including work and play.

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