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Athletic Screenings
Teams, Groups, Individuals

TPMT offers Athletic Screenings to help you

perform to your fullest potential in sports.

The team at TPMT have worked with several teams to screen their athletes to set up individual or group training programs.  


We are able to tailor these screenings to most sports.


What this looks like for a team: scheduling athletes approximately 10-15 minutes apart, we can test and assess large groups fairly efficiently.  Tests include fundamentals such as full squat potential, standing forward reach and tri-planar activities, as well as PRI table testing to determine patterns, positions and compensations. 

Follow up programs are designed and grouped by athlete patterns, as well as levels for each athlete to work at her/his best ability. Team programing, whether for warm-up/cool down activities, weight room tips, or full workout programs can be developed. Ideally some form of complimentary coach instruction or inservice for implementation occurs for best overall team outcomes.

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